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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Photos from the iPad

My favorite pictures I've taken with my iPad lately.

These first ones are taken at Pier One Imports. I LOVE this store!!! They have such beautiful things.









These next few are random everyday life.




He did this ON HIS OWN!!!

someone got ahold of the iPad.

PS. Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Little Mister broke his arm. :(

Friday morning around 8:30am I told the kids to play in their newly cleaned room. Three minutes later I hear screaming...from my son.

(I thought that he landed on a toy and scratched his back.) I laid him on his back and tried to calm him down to find out what happened. 

That is when I noticed this.... 

this is a picture of his crooked arm.

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I quickly covered the rest of him in a blanket just in case he got cold. I grabbed my phone to call 911. Andy had the van and I didn't have a way to get Eli to the hospital. I then call my friend up the street and ask her if she could take Charlie for me. Then I call Andy and tell him what was going on. 

 The fire truck arrived before the ambulance. They used one of my cardboard boxes and splint his arm. One of the medics kind of irritated me because he was like "oh he'll need surgery and we need to get him to UCDavis." Even though I explained that we are Kasier patients and need to be taken there. He insisted on UCDavis, I didn't feel like arguing and just wanted my son to be taken to the hospital. (Insurance will cover it, but I don't know if we'll have to pay OOP and then get reimbursed). 

At the same time they are taking Eli out to the ambulance, Andy gets home. So I leave with Eli and Andy stays behind a few minutes to make sure my friend has everything she needs for Charlie. 

 The ride started out like this:

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and ended like this:

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 We then got to the hospital, he was given a room right away and seen by some doctors right away. They were all very nice and informative. 

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 He got some pain meds... 
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We then went and got an xray done of his arm. The lame tech asked him if he could flatten his arm. umm NO, and move your hands because you aren't going to try and do it for him! his right arm on the table thumb up, like a karate chop.
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 Then we waited around
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 When one of the nurses walked out he said "She sounds like a man." LOL :embarrassed: I'm SO glad she didn't hear him. 

Then it was time for them to get ready to set it. They gave him heavy sedation so that he would go to sleep and wake up and not remember then setting his arm.
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Andy and I walked out of the room for a bit. Neither of us wanted to stay. Well I originally wanted to, but then Andy suggested that I not stay. We came back to a freshly casted sleeping prince. 

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 When he woke up he told me that he had a dream that he went to outerspace. He didn't see any martians, but he did bring me back a moon rock. He would wake up for about a minute and then conk out. He woke up saying different things and singing different tunes. He woke up one time and sang "God is bigger than the boogie man." and then went back to sleep. lol 

 After spending 9 hours in the ER, he was ready to go home!

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 Asleep for the night...hopefully.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Donuts for elves

This evening after Little Miss went to bed Little Mister and I decided to take this idea and make some!

Little Mister loved it.

Again, like in a few posts back, I apologize for the lighting. I don't have a great camera and we have horrible lighting in the house.

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Friday, September 9, 2011

Surgery #5

On August 30th, Eli had another surgery on his cleft lip/palate. 

They took away some of the thickness in his nostril and re-opened his nasal cavity. The surgery last time left him with a tiny opening to breathe through. That was 2 years ago. I had NO idea that he had a hard time breathing through his nose. He would always wake in the middle of the night complaining about his nose, mostly when he had a runny nose, and I would get frustrated because...

I said this several times.

(go ahead and pass me the mother of the year award)

They also revised the scar on his lip and the space between his nose and lip. They also took a piece of cartlidge out of his left ear and placed it at the base of his nostril so that it wouldn't collapse. Therefore, he has an incision behind his left ear to get skin to cover the part they took in the front of the ear. Poor baby.

Without further in the hospital.

His nurse, Kathy...which he refused to say...said her favorite color was green as well!

Here, she is explaining the O2 monitor. She said that it was like a little hug. I pointed at him and said "E.T., phone home." He looked at me like I was crazy.

We had a little surprise for him...we bought him a Leapster Explorer. He was beyond excited! We also bought him the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien game....which was a HUGE hit.

Here are some after he got his "happy juice" to make him calmer. When they took him back the anesthesiologist was awesome. Eli started to cry, but the anesthesiologist raised his bed and asked Eli to hold on to the invisible steering wheel. Then he asked him to step on the gas pedal. When Eli did that, the bed started to move so he got to drive himself into the OR.

Here he is when we first saw him after surgery. My poor little guy.

I can't believe how much he has grown. This was his first surgery at 2.5 months!

Bellow this text are some pictures of his incisions.

Here he is after we got home. He felt awful, but he was back to his normal self the next day.

I can't believe how GROWN UP he looks in this next picture. he looks WAY older than 4yrs 4mo!

He is my brave little man.

I've linked to Sassy Sites. :)

Friday, April 29, 2011

First ride!

We went to Funderland today after the field trip to the Zoo with his class. This was his first ride. I thought he would be shy and scared but he RAN to every ride and went on all of them by himself! The three of us then went on the little train around the park and sissy just sat there next to me enjoying the ride. We had a great time!